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Something new: What’s next for child psychology and psychiatry?

The Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry’s Annual Research Review is a must-read special issue of the journal that presents a series of major reviews of key topics in the field. This year the ARR consists of 9 reviews, each accompanied by a commentary from leading experts in the field.

The Annual Research Review will have free online access until the end of February 2020!


Something new – what’s next for child and adolescent psychiatry?
Sara R. Jaffee

Annual Research Reviews

Annual Research Review: Looking back to look forward – changes in the concept of autism and implications for future research
Francesca Happé, Uta Frith

Commentary: Broadening the research remit of participatory methods in autism science – a commentary on Happé and Frith (2020)
Elizabeth Pellicano

Annual Research Review: Rethinking childhood trauma‐new research directions for measurement, study design and analytical strategies
Andrea Danese

Commentary: A challenge for a higher bar in research on childhood trauma – reflections on Danese (2020)
Cathy S. Widom

Annual Research Review: Universal and targeted strategies for assigning interventions to achieve population impact
Kenneth A. Dodge

Commentary: Enabling efficient and full application of prevention strategies for population mental health — reflections on Dodge (2020)
Patrick Tolan

Annual Research Review: Umbrella synthesis of meta‐analyses on child maltreatment antecedents and interventions: differential susceptibility perspective on risk and resilience
Marinus H. van IJzendoorn, Marian J. Bakermans‐Kranenburg, Barry Coughlan, Sophie Reijman

Commentary: Umbrella synthesis of meta‐analyses on child maltreatment antecedents and interventions – a commentary on van IJzendoorn and colleagues (2020)
Todd I. Herrenkohl

Annual Research Review: A meta‐analytic review of worldwide suicide rates in adolescents
Catherine R. Glenn, Evan M. Kleiman, John Kellerman, Olivia Pollak, Christine B. Cha, Erika C. Esposito, Andrew C. Porter, Peter A. Wyman, Anne E. Boatman

Commentary: Reducing adolescent suicide: a global imperative – a reflection on Glenn et al. (2020)
David A. Brent

Annual Research Review: Defining and treating pediatric treatment‐resistant depression
Jennifer B. Dwyer, Argyris Stringaris, David A. Brent, Michael H. Bloch

Commentary: Treatment failure and success: a commentary on defining and treating pediatric treatment‐resistant depression – reflections on Dwyer et al. (2020)
Jeffrey R. Strawn, Paul E. Croarkin

Annual Research Review: Adolescent mental health in the digital age: facts, fears, and future directions
Candice L. Odgers, Michaeline R. Jensen

Commentary: An updated agenda for the study of digital media use and adolescent development – future directions following Odgers & Jensen (2020)
Mitchell J. Prinstein, Jacqueline Nesi, Eva H. Telzer

Annual Research Review: Critical windows – the microbiota-gut-brain axis in neurocognitive development
Caitlin S. M. Cowan, Timothy G. Dinan, John F. Cryan

Commentary: Microbial panaceas: does development have the answer? – reflections on Cowan, Dinan, & Cryan (2020)
Bridget Callaghan

Annual Research Review: Ecological momentary assessment studies in child psychology and psychiatry
Michael A. Russell, Jamie M. Gajos

Commentary: Ecology momentary assessment as a tool for understanding dynamic patterns in child and adolescent health and development – reflections on Russell and Gajos (2020)
Jessica J. Chiang, Phoebe H. Lam

Professor Sara Jaffee
Professor Sara Jaffee

Sara is the Annual Research Reviews Editor for JCPP. She is Professor in Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania. She is also a faculty director for The Field Center and has consulted for NIH R25 Summer Training Institute.

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