Meet the Team

Martin Pratt – CEO

As CEO it is my role to create problems for those around me to solve, problems I know will lead to the innovation and creativity required to improve the performance of my organisation. But also to know when to get out of the way of the staff I empower and allow them to run with their ideas, make their own mistakes, experiment and innovate, to allow my team to be the very best they can and allow them to achieve. My interest in working for ACAMH stems directly from my experiences. I feel incredibly privileged to be part of a body at the very forefront of advancements in mental health. Outside of office life I have a strong amateur interest in modernist architecture, enjoy dystopian fiction and am a keen walker.

Megan Archer – Deputy CEO

Mia Cooper – Digital Marketing Executive


I oversee the general upkeep of all of the digital media content that is generated directly from ACAMH, this includes the website, social media, e-newsletters, podcasts, films, animation, SEO and analytical data. I’m taking part in a placement sandwiched between my second and third year at Bournemouth University, studying Marketing Communications with Digital Media. Beyond the workplace, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends and going to the gym.

Prabha Choubina – Publications Director

I manage the journals programme at ACAMH, consisting of JCPP and CAMH. My work facilitates the process of research output being reviewed and published, and hence plays a part in the dissemination of knowledge which is the core objective of ACAMH. Outside my work my two girls and my family take up my time and attention – together, we walk, talk and write poems!

Abigail Joyce – Editorial Assistant

I help coordinate the editorial process for CAMH and work with the editorial office to assist the overall editorial process of the journals. My role supports the amazing authors and editors that ACAMH works with and it is great to help publish such important research. Outside of the office, I like to listen to kpop and read a wide variety of fiction.

Matthew Kempen – Marketing Manager

Hello. As my job title suggests I oversee the marketing for the organisation. I have nigh on 25-years experience on local, national, and global marcomms projects. For ACAMH I direct the brand, coordinating communications to achieve; ‘More members, more delegates, more awareness.’ I am immensely proud to be working for ACAMH and, in a small way, to be part of the advancement of child and adolescent mental health. Outside of the office I’m a MAMIL, and a Radio 4 comedy fan.

Hannah Moore – Editorial Assistant

As an Editorial Assistant I support the Publications team in a wide range of administrative tasks and more specifically aid with the processes within JCPP. Working for ACAMH is a fantastic opportunity to understand more about mental health research and how it impacts policy and public attitude. Outside of work I enjoy Swing Dancing and setting myself (often unrealistic) reading goals.

Louie Sandys – Senior Editorial Assistant

I coordinate the editorial process for JCPP, alongside journal development and bibliometrics and also coordinate The Bridge. The journals have made a direct impact on government policy on child and adolescent mental health, which makes working for ACAMH very satisfying. Outside of the office, I enjoy skateboarding.