User involvement in research

  • Photovoice within Mental Health Research Involving Adolescents

    Photovoice within Mental Health Research Involving Adolescents

    Photovoice, a research method developed by Wang and Burris (1997), combines photography and narrative, and has emerged as a powerful tool for researching adolescent mental health for participants to express themselves visually, providing unique emotional and metaphorical insights less accessible to other traditional research methods.

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  • Dave McPartlan

    Developing schools to enhance young people’s mental health

    Research has shown that many risk factors influence young people’s mental health needs, one of which is school expectations. The youth mental health crisis continues, with one in six young people (aged 6-16) having a probable mental health problem. My research aimed to determine what young people thought of their mental health strategy. However, the way in which the research process developed suggests schools have much more to offer than just specific mental health support.

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  • Professor Edmund Sonuga-Barke

    Championing research about, by and for neurodivergent people

    How neurodiversity-inspired thinking is casting a new light on brain development research, with neurodivergent young people at its core.

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  • Professor Sara Jaffee

    JCPP Annual Research Review 2020

    Free access to the articles included in the JCPP Annual Research Review: “Something new: What’s next for child psychology and psychiatry?”, until the end of February 2020.

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