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‘Help!’, is indeed the cry from charities up and down the land as we frantically search for the most desired of creatures known as the ‘volunteer’. It is abundantly clear why we seek these people out, as volunteers play a critical role in the development of an organisation.

Volunteers are the driving force behind grassroots activity in staging events, promoting the work of the organisation, and providing insights at a local level. The importance of volunteers cannot be underestimated.

For ACAMH we structure our volunteers into local Branches, which provide a sounding board for our national activities and act as a powerful voice in campaigning and championing ACAMH’s strategic objectives. They have regular committee meetings to discuss innovative ideas, topical issues, plan events, and feed into the wider ACAMH programme with fresh ideas.

Sorcha Ryan, Senior Clinical Psychologist, told us why she volunteered;

“I have volunteered on our Irish ACAMH Branch for over ten years, and it has been an enriching experience. In the early days, it was a great asset to my career to be part of vibrant, multi-disciplinary committee discussions about innovative research, networking, and learning how to organise conferences. In the past year in particular, there have been many exciting technological changes within ACAMH, allowing greater access to research and podcasts beyond Ireland.

We are incredibly proud to have such a high quality network of volunteers to run our branches. And that is the key. Quality over numbers.”

Megan Archer, Deputy CEO for ACAMH explains;

“We ask 3 things from potential volunteers. One – Commitment. You need to attend a minimum of three Branch Meetings a year. Two – Enthusiasm. You should play an active role with your Branch. Three – Advocacy. You should promote the work using contacts and influence, to support our aims.

In return, we offer the opportunity to be part of a movement that consistently champions the needs and advancement of child and adolescent mental health. Whilst additionally facilitating excellent networking and professional development opportunities.”

So, if you think you have what it takes to be part of the advancement of child and adolescent mental health, and would like more information contact us


I’m an indep SEND Consultant living in Hastings; I work all over the South of England! As a former Grp Head of Learning Enrichment for 6 indep schools with executive responsibility for safeguarding & former headteacher of a registered Special School and 2 mainstream preps- 25 years in education (10 yrs in local authority and 15 in independent schools)- I’m keen to volunteer.

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