Can this app help autistic people with anxiety?

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Available on the Apple App Store, Molehill Mountain is the first evidence-led smartphone app aiming to help autistic adults understand and self-manage their own anxiety. The app has been developed by UK research charity Autistica and researchers at King’s College London with input from autistic people. Research studies show that 40-50% of autistic people suffer with anxiety disorders – vastly higher rates than in non-autistic people. Helping people understand the causes of anxiety and the reasons for their symptoms is key to managing it better.

We were invited to the usability testing sessions for this new app and in this podcast you can hear from Professor Emily Simonoff, King’s College London.


I wonder if this will also be useful for anyone suffering from anxiety disorders. It does sound very exciting.

Hi Stacey- it’s for children and adolescents as well! Ann

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