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We welcomed Dr. James Galpin with a session that focused on ‘NDCs in schools’. The Chair of this session was Dr. Mark Lovell. This was the fourth of the ‘NDC Learning Series’ aimed at health professionals who come into contact with children and young people who have Neurodevelopmental conditions (NDCs).

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Dr. James Galpin slides

Dr. James Galpin talk ‘NDCs in schools: Diagnosing the need or in need of diagnosis’

The talk will look at the adverse impact that greater awareness of specific NDCs amongst school staff has had in terms of shift back to a medical model of difference, including the bleeding in of clinical and quasi-clinical language to education and how leads to students’ needs becoming pathologized. We will look at the impact that in turn can have on support provided to pupils, teachers’ self-concept and inclusive practice.  The talk will then look at how a transdiagnostic approach to understanding needs can lead to more effective support being embedded in schools with examples of what the support looks like.

This ‘NDC Learning Series’ is aimed at health professionals who come into contact with children and young people who have Neurodevelopmental conditions (NDCs). The aim is to bring you into a conversation with specialists, covering what you can do in your own practice that covers their area of expertise, and how we can work together more effectively. This series of webinars is present by the ACAMH Neurodevelopmental SIG and is open to all.

Key takeaways

  • Practical tips around all aspects of NDC care
  • Opportunity for case discussion with experts
  • Learn how to forge and foster local partnerships across health, education, and social care, to promote better, more efficient care
  • Know what the experts would like you to have done before you refer to them!

About the speakers

Dr. Jamie Galpin

Jamie is an Education Officer at nasen and leads on the development and delivery of the organisation’s CPDL programme. He is a chartered Developmental Psychologist, Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society. He also holds Lecturer positions at University College London, Goldsmith’s University and The Open University covering a wide range of topics including postgraduate research in special and inclusive education, initial teacher education, quantitative research methodology and social constructions of difference. He has been working with children and young people with SEN for the past 18 years. Whilst working both as an SEN teaching assistant and then as an SEN teacher he completed his Master’s degree in Child Development. His interest in the practical applications of research then led him to complete a Master’s in Research in Education. Jamie went on to complete his PhD in Developmental Psychology.

Jamie continues to work in developing practice-based evidence and putting theory into practice in education. A lot of his research has been with minimally verbal autistic children and young people with complex needs with a focus on the development of novel, sustainable school support. He is currently a member of Autistica’s Complex Needs Study Group which seeks to accelerate high quality, meaningful research about autism and complex needs. He has published on topics related to his research interests and spoken at conferences showcasing his work both nationally and internationally. He was recently commissioned to write a book for education professionals summarising his research examining transdiagnostic factors associated with SEND, looking at universal strengths and universal needs that children and young people have.

Dr. Mark Lovell
Dr. Mark Lovell

Dr. Mark Lovell is a dual trained Consultant Child and Adolescent Learning Disability Psychiatrist working for 1 of the UK’s largest LD CAMHS teams. He works for Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust (TEWV) and covers the South Tees area along with a multidisciplinary team. Mark has previously held positions within the British Medical Association and the Royal College of Psychiatrists. He has had involvement within projects for the Royal College of Psychiatrist and the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health. He is a member of the Child and Adolescent Intellectual Disability Psychiatry Network (CAIDPN) and has particular interests in Autism and Challenging Behaviour within the context of Intellectual Disabilities.

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