JCPP Editorial: Volume 63, Issue 05, May 2022

Senior Editorial Assistant for ACAMH.

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The near ubiquity of comorbidity – what are the implications for children’s mental health research and practice?

Helen L. Fisher


The experience of two or more mental health disorders or symptom-clusters, either simultaneously or sequentially, is common among adults. Increasing evidence suggests that such comorbidity may also be prevalent among children though it often extends beyond mental health disorders. This is highlighted by several of the papers featured in the current issue of the Journal, which are summarised in this editorial. These studies underscore the importance of providing integrated care for children to ensure all their needs are effectively addressed. It also raises questions about the distinctions we draw between disorders and supports calls for dimensional approaches to conceptualising psychopathology and its inter-relatedness with other aspects of health and functioning.

We hope you enjoy the full editorial of this Issue, which is free on the Wiley Online Library.

Dr. Helen Fisher

Dr. Helen Fisher is a Specialist Subject Editor for JCPP, a full profile can be found here.

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