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As part of our Myth Busting series this webinar looked at the evidence-base, focused on the facts, and busted some myths when it comes to Hearing Voices.

Slides from the session

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About the event

Many people hear voices, it is a relatively common human experience. Naturally there are a number of different experiences of hearing voices, some don’t mind them and can like them, whilst others might find them irritating, and in some instances intrusive. But what does the latest research tell us about how this impacts children and young people, and what can we do to help them?

Join our host Dr Sarah Parry, Clinical Psychologist and Practice Fellow, Manchester Metropolitan University, who specialises in trauma and children’s mental health to learn about:

  • Latest evidence
  • Practical tips and advice
  • Coping strategies and communication

Sarah will be joined by her team of researchers; Zarah Eve, PhD and Multiplicity Researcher, Lauren Kinch, PhD and Imaginery Companions Researcher, Hannah Leach, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, Sadie Rodell, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, who be there to present the latest data and to answer your questions.

About the speakers

Dr. Sarah Parry
Dr. Sarah Parry

Dr. Sarah Parry is a Clinical Psychologist and Practice Fellow with experience of working in a range of NHS and private sector organisations. Sarah principally works in the field of trauma and children’s mental health. Research interests include therapeutic uses of formulation and the therapeutic utility of compassion for clients and practitioners alike. Sarah and her colleagues also explore how interpersonal trauma can impact aspects of people’s lives, and how adults and young people develop coping strategies in response to traumatic experiences. Sarah’s research has been published in a range of peer-reviewed journals, including the Journal of Children’s Services, the Journal of Child Sexual Abuse, and the Journal of Trauma and Dissociation. Bio via Manchester Metropolitan University.

Lauren Kinch
Lauren Kinch

I am currently a full-time lecturer at Arden University, alongside completing my PhD at Manchester Metropolitan University. Titled, ‘Exploring the possible therapeutic benefits of imaginary companions’, my research aims to explore the therapeutic relationship between children and their ICs. I have enjoyed presenting my work at several conferences and chairing the 14th Annual PGR Manchester Metropolitan University Conference.

Hannah Leach
Hannah Leach

Hannah Leach is a Trainee Clinical Psychologist. Before training, she worked with children and young people in the charity sector. Hannah’s research interests include trauma and unusual experiences, and she enjoys using creative and multi-sensory approaches to therapy. Hannah’s doctoral thesis will focus on compassionate voice-hearing experiences amongst children and young people. It will investigate the flow of compassion between CYP and their voices, as described in CYP’s first-hand narratives.

Additional resources

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