Health inequalities, children and young people – Professor Sir Michael Marmot

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This lecture from Professor Sir Michael Marmot ‘Health inequalities, children and young people’ was the keynote from the 2023 CAMH Lecture which featured a series of lectures from leading researchers, academics and practitioners on key topics in the field of child and adolescent mental health.

Michael Marmot

Professor Sir Michael Marmot has led research groups on health inequalities for over 40 years. He is the author of The Health Gap: the challenge of an unequal world (Bloomsbury: 2015) and Status Syndrome: how your place on the social gradient directly affects your health (Bloomsbury: 2004). Professor Marmot holds the Harvard Lown Professorship for 2014-2017 and is the recipient of the Prince Mahidol Award for Public Health 2015. He has been awarded honorary doctorates from 20 universities. In 2021 Professor Marmot received BMJ’s Outstanding Contribution to Health award. Full bio at the Institute of Health Equality


A brilliant lecture.

Always amazing to hear from the man. Thank you for sharing this for those who couldn’t attend.

Perhaps look at the work in 1000+ UK schools that OPAL Outdoor Play and Learning cic is doing? Headteachers and parents report positive outcomes across the school in activity, mental wellness, behaviour, learning and social development.

Thank you for doing a wonderful work. Questions How can we access webinars without pay?
How can we join the subsequent session live? highly interested in becoming a registered member. Thank you.

Amazing lecture than encapsulate the need for a change in direction in order to give hope by reducing health inequalities.

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