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For this session we welcomed Dr. Tina Rae to share her knowledge and insights into the complex subject of bereavement, grief and loss. In this session, loss will be considered in its broader sense; taking into consideration the impacts of the pandemic and other global crises that are affecting families and young people.

Slides from the session

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About the ‘Ask the Expert’ sessions

This FREE ‘Ask the Expert’ online event is exclusively for teachers and education professionals, and offers insights into the latest evidence-base around anxiety in children & adolescents. They are brought to you as part of an exciting new partnership between The Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Health (ACAMH) and Coram Life Education (CLE), two charities who are dedicated to making a difference to the mental wellbeing of children and young people.

Following our pilot events in Autumn 2021 / Spring 2022, we have a series of ‘Ask the Expert’ events over the coming year, to help close the knowledge gap in a range of topics that now form part of the statutory Relationship, Sex and Health Education (RSHE) curriculum. We think it is important to help equip teachers with knowledge in areas that may be less familiar to them, which is grounded in academic rigour.

Our ‘Ask the Expert’ sessions are primarily aimed at knowledge building, we will be working on other initiatives to help evolve pedagogical approaches based on the evidence we share at these ‘Ask the Expert’ events.

About the event

Children & young people have certainly had a lot to contend with over the past few years, with many enduring significant losses associated with the Covid-19 pandemic, and more recently with a loss of security and stability fuelled by the cost-of-living crisis, political unrest and global conflicts. Coping with grief and loss is challenging for children and adults alike; but for some people the grieving process can become extended and may affect one’s ability to move forward; this is known as complicated or complex grief. There are a range of different emotional and physical symptoms associated with complex grief that may be presented in the classroom. By having a better understanding of how young people process and express grief, teachers are better able to implement responsive teaching and support young people who are experiencing difficulties associated with bereavement or loss.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand how macro trends and the current context is impacting young people in the short & long-term
  • Challenge some of the common myths and grief models, to provide a richer understanding of behaviours linked to bereavement & loss
  • Equip teachers with tools & techniques for helping young people navigate the grieving process by providing a range of evidence based, practical tools and strategies


Tina is a prolific author and has over 100 publications to date. These reflect her ongoing passion for developing practical resources for schools which have an evidence base and enable practitioners to ethically deliver effective preventative mental health interventions in schools. Recent publications include the following:

  • Rae, T. (2022) The Bereavement Book Activities to support Children and Young People through grief and loss Buckingham: Hinton House Publishers
  • Rae, T. & D’Amario, A. (2021) Promoting Positive Body Image in Teenagers A Programme of Essential Strategies and Resources Buckingham: Hinton House Publishers
  • Rae, T. & D’Amario, A. (2021) A Recovery Toolbox of Wellbeing in the Early years for children aged 3-6 Buckingham: Hinton House Publishers
  • Rae, T. (2020) Supporting Children and Young People with Emotionally Based School Avoidance Buckingham: Hinton House Publishers
  • Rae, T., Middleton, T. & Walshe, J. (2020) Nurturing Peer Supervision: Supporting the Wellbeing of those who Nurture Glasgow: Nurture UK
  • Rae, T. (2020) It’s OK not to be OK: A Guide to Wellbeing London: QED Publishing
  • Rae, T., Such, A. & Wood, J. (2020) The Well Being Tool Kit for Mental health leads in schools A comprehensive Training Resource to Support Emotional Wellbeing in Education and Social Care Buckingham: Hinton House Publisher

About the Speakers

Dr. Tina Rae
Dr. Tina Rae

Dr Tina Rae has 40 years’ experience working with children, adults, and families in clinical and educational contexts within local authorities and specialist services. She is currently working as a Consultant Educational and Child Psychologist in a range of SEMH and mainstream contexts and for fostering agencies as a Consultant Psychologist supporting foster carers, social workers and looked after children. She was an Academic and Professional tutor for the Doctorate in Educational and Child psychology (University of East London) from 2010-16. She is a registered member of the Health and Care Professions Council, a member of ENSEC (European Network for Social and Emotional Competence) and a former trustee of Nurture UK.

Dr Tina Rae was winner of the Education book of the year education resources award (ERA) and a finalist of the Special needs resource of the year education resources award for her publication Rae, T. & Such, A. (2019) The ASD Girls’ Wellbeing Toolkit an Evidence based Intervention Promoting Mental, Physical & Emotional Health Buckingham: Hinton House Publishers. She also won an award from the Health Service Journal (HSJ) 2015 for contributions to the Time 2 Talk (T2T) project which aims to increase understanding about mental health and emotional wellbeing amongst young people in school, to challenge barriers to accessing support and tackle the stigma regarding self-harm, mental health, and emotional distress. A further notable honour from National Association of Special Educational needs (NASEN) was presented for the publication co-authored with Dr Rachael Hayes: Rae, T., & Hayes, R. (2009) Keeping Out of Trouble a Preventive Approach for Secondary Students London: Optimus Publishers. This won the first prize in the Secondary Resource/Book to support teaching and learning (non-ICT). This publication is a preventative programme for teenagers who are at risk of offending. This recognition as an expert at a national level is further evidenced by Dr Rae’s contributions to the DfE funded project: Coughlan, B.J. & Rae, T. (2012) Training Resources for special education in the 21st century Module 3.4: Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health London: Department for Education

Tina is a member of the editorial board for the journal Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties and for the International Journal of Nurture in Education. She is also a member of the Advisory board for Fresh Start in Education and for The Association for Child and Adolescent mental health (ACAMH).


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