‘OpenHouse on Autism’ – It’s not a tantrum, it’s a meltdown. Creating positivity around emotions.

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We are proud to join with Clinical Partners to present these FREE webinars, designed to help families with autistic children, that will help us work towards our vision of ‘Sharing best evidence, improving practice’.

This is the fourth ‘OpenHouse on Autism’ event, do please register for our other FREE webinars on autism.

In this webinar, host Dr. Lucy Sanctuary, Autism Specialist with Clinical Partners, was joined by Clinical Psychologists Dr. Ann Ozsivadjian and Dr. Marianna Murin to discover practical ways to address challenges around difficult emotional behaviours.

Your host

Dr. Lucy Sanctuary is a specialist Speech & Language Therapist and Cognitive Behaviour Practitioner (CBT) working with families, children and young people who are on the Autism Spectrum. Lucy has considerable experience of carrying out autism assessments for children and young people from the age of two to 20, and works with young people with complex presentations such as learning difficulties, high levels of anxiety, selective mutism and behaviour difficulties.

Our expert speakers

Dr. Ann Ozsivadjian is the Principal Clinical Psychologist at Evelina London Children’s Hospital, Guy’s and Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust. She is a leading expert in the assessment and treatment of mental health difficulties in ASD, in understanding cognitive pathways to anxiety in ASD, and also working with girls and women on the autism spectrum.

Dr. Marianna Murin is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist and Senior Clinical Tutor at the Anna Freud Centre and University College London. For over twenty years, she has dedicated her work to promoting the psychological well-being of people on the Autism Spectrum and improving understanding of ASD as an international trainer in diagnostics of ASD, lecturer, writer and therapist.


Thank you so much for helping me to understand “it’s not tantrum, it’s a meltdown.
Really helpful . I will put a lot into practice. ?

Thanks for broadening my mind on Autism helped me a lot.

This is a very interesting topic that helps me to understand about handling breakdown and meltdowns.

Thank you, this has been so interesting and informative. It has reinforced my beliefs that understanding Autism is vital to forming a positive relationship with children who are on the Autism spectrum.

A lot of valuable information on Tantrums and meltdowns, listening to this has certainly helped.
Thank you

This gives me a better understanding about handling breakdown and meltdowns, again a very good listening course

Thank you, very informative. this will help my practice.

Very helpful and encouraging
Thank you

Very good

Very interesting will definitely help daily

Very interesting and helpful, thank you

Very informative and explained in a way which is easy to understand

Anne Sugden 17th October 23

Really useful information, both in terms of understanding the cause of meltdowns, and the strategies used to help with these. The questions presented covered practical situations and the experiences of both the child and the parent. Thank you.

Great information Thankyou

I support young adults with Autism and absolutely love my job. All our guys and Gals are non verbal, which makes our role even more complicated when trying to ascertain needs, triggers, is it a tantrum or meltdown. I’m fascinated by the various aspects and conditions associated with the Spectrum. At the age of 56, I’m still a student and keen to learn every day. This webinar was really interesting and informative. Thank you

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