Associate Professor Dr. Stephane De Brito

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Dr. Stephane De Brito
Dr. Stephane De Brito

Stephane De Brito is Associate Professor of Psychology and Director of the Social, Cognitive, Affective, and Neuroscience (SCAN) lab at the Centre for Human Brain Health, University of Birmingham. The research in the lab focuses on understanding the mechanistic interplay between the social, cognitive, affective, and neurocognitive factors implicated in the development and persistence of antisocial and aggressive behaviour. Our lab also examines those aspects among youths who have experienced childhood maltreatment. A common goal across these two strands of research is to understand how environmental and individual factors interact throughout the lifespan to increase risks for poor outcomes or promote resilience. Dr De Brito is involved in several international projects focusing on severe antisocial behaviour. He is co-leading the neuroimaging work package of the FemNAT-CD study, a European multisite study focusing on the environmental and neurobiological factors implicated in conduct disorder in females and males. He is also the co-chair of the ENIGMA Antisocial Behavior working group, which includes investigators from different centres around the world who are actively engaged in research on antisocial behaviour across the lifespan.

In his role of Joint-Editor at JCPP Advances Stephane will oversee all the submissions related to externalising problems and antisocial behaviour. In this role, Stephane is passionate about and committed to the promotion of high quality and innovative research spanning different methodologies and populations, particularly those that adopt a multi-methods/levels approach to address a specific set of questions or hypotheses.

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