World Mental Health Day 2020: Mental Health for all

The theme of this year’s World Mental Health Day is ‘mental health for all’, as everyone should have access to mental health care no matter what your social, economical or geographical circumstances are.

Our Vision is ‘Sharing best evidence, improving practice’, and to this end we urge you to take a look at the learning opportunities on our website and to share with your networks.

What does the latest evidence and research tell us?
How is the current environment effecting child and adolescent mental health?

We have gathered a range of free learning resources from leading academics, clinicians and researchers to raise awareness of child and adolescent mental health issues in our current climate.

COVID19 Resources on Child & Adolescent Mental Health: research and advice in relation to COVID19’s effect on child and adolescent mental health.

Podcast with Prof Tamsin Ford CBE, ‘Supporting children’s mental health as schools re-open’.

Shining a light on the injustice of institutionalization and the damage it causes to children – to promote care reform across the globe. Access papers executive summary free of charge.

Brioney Gee gives a video abstract of her ‘Practitioner Review: Effectiveness of indicated school‐based interventions for adolescent depression and anxiety – a meta‐analytic review’.

Bethany Cliffe gives a video abstract of her CAMHS paper ‘Clinicians’ use of and attitudes towards technology to provide and support interventions in child and adolescent mental health services’.

Free access editorial from the JCPP. Something special – the scientific challenges of rare risks.

Open access article from the JCPP. Trajectories of healthcare utilization and costs of psychiatric and somatic multimorbidity in adults with childhood ADHD: a prospective register‐based study.

Podcast with Prof Mina Fazel, ‘Child refugee mental health needs’.

Podcast with Mia Eisenstadt, where she discusses her current research on analysis and applications of young people’s perceptions of risk and protective factors for mental health and wellbeing.

Self-harm in a time of isolation: What is the evidence to support mobile and internet-based psychological interventions for self-harm? Blog by Dr. Alexandra Pitman And Dr. Sarah Rowe. 

Free special issue of JCPP: Bedtime social media use, sleep, and affective wellbeing in young adults: an experience sampling study.

A collection of our latest releases  of research digests from our journals, The Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry and Child and Adolescent Mental Health Journal. 





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