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Take a look at this growing page of evidence-based resources, research and advice in relation to COVID19’s effect on child and adolescent mental health. As the landscape changes stay up to date with the rise of remote interventions, research and analysis of the impacts of lockdown and practical tips from leaders in the field. Click to jump to Debates, Papers, Podcasts, Blogs, Free view.


Child and adolescent mental health: what have we learnt during the Covid-19 pandemic? Looking back, Looking forward


The Child and Adolescent Mental Health journal has a series of open access debates:

Mental health, social crisis and the COVID‐19 pandemic in Chile by Patricio Fischman & Matias Irarrazaval

Remote learning during COVID‐19 for children with high functioning autism spectrum disorder by Debbie Reicher

COVID‐19 to the under 19 – a Singapore school mental health response by Vidhya Renjan & Daniel S.S. Fung

The impact of school closures and lockdown on mental health in young people by Ellen Townsend

COVID‐19 and school mental health in Pakistan by Ayesha Irshad Mian & Aisha Sanober Chachar

Student mental health matters – the heightened need for school‐based mental health in the era of COVID‐19 by Deborah M. Weisbrot & Erika Ryst

Supporting the mental health of school students in the COVID‐19 pandemic in New Zealand – a digital ecosystem approach by Sally N. Merry, Tania Cargo, Grant Christie, Liesje Donkin, Sarah Hetrick, Terry Fleming, Chester Holt‐Quick, Sarah Hopkins, Karolina Stasiak, and  Jim Warren

Emergency mental health presentations of young people during the COVID‐19 lockdown by Dennis Ougrin

Recognising and responding to the mental health needs of young people in the era of COVID‐19 by Andrea Danese and Patrick Smith

Promoting capabilities for young people’s agency in the COVID‐19 outbreak by Gabriela Pavarini, David Lyreskog, Kiran Manku, Rosemary Musesengwa, Ilina Singh

COVID crisis, natural capital and clinical care – ‘building back better’ for a new values‐based CAMHS by Jacinta Tan, and Bill Fulford

Lessons learned in lockdown – a one‐day remotely delivered training on low‐intensity psychological interventions for common mental health conditions by Rachel Batchelor, Matteo Catanzano, Ellie Kerry, Sophie D. Bennett, Anna E. Coughtrey, Holan Liang, Vicki Curry, Isobel Heyman, Roz Shafran

COVID‐19 and psychological well‐being of children and adolescents in Italy by Ernesto Caffo, Francesca Scandroglio, Lisa Asta

Facing uncertainty with(out) a sense of control – cultural influence on adolescents’ response to the COVID‐19 pandemic by Nan Zhu, Jiaqing O, Hui Jing Lu, Lei Chang

Exposing the most serious infirmity–racism’s impact on health in the era of COVID‐19 by Wilfred H. Farquharson and Carmen J. Thornton

#Together despite the distance by Allan K. Chrisman

Mentalising remotely – The AFNCCF’s adaptations to the coronavirus crisis by Peter Fonagy, Chloe Campbell, Alexandra Truscott, Peter Fuggle

COVID‐19 and children in India by Anant Kumar, K. Rajasekharan Nayar, Lekha D. Bhat


JCPP Editorial by Edmund Sonuga-Barke

Editorial from JCPP by Andrea Raballo, Michele Poletti, Lucia Valmaggia, Patrick D. McGorry

Editorial: How in the world are we handling COVID‐19? Editorial from CAMH by Bernadka Dubicka & Gabrielle Carlson

– A JCPP Editorial Perspective from Michael Kaess, Markus Moessner, Julian Koenig, Sophia Lustig, Sabrina Bonnet, Katja Becker, Heike Eschenbeck, Christine Rummel‐Kluge, Rainer Thomasius, Stephanie Bauer, the ProHEAD Consortium

A JCPP Editorial Perspective from Oskar Hougaard, Jefsen Christopher, Rohde Bettina, Nørremark Søren, Dinesen Østergaard looks at

Understanding why the COVID‐19 pandemic‐related lockdown increases mental health difficulties in vulnerable young children – JCPP Advances Original Article by Dolapo Adegboye, Ffion Williams, Stephan Collishaw, Katherine Shelton, Kate Langley, Christopher Hobson, Daniel Burley & Stephanie van Goozen


Dr. Ola Demkowicz podcast includes her research on the TELL Study (Teenager’s Experiences of Life in Lockdown) a quantitative approach which involved 16-19 year olds writing about their own experiences in lockdown.

Dr. Maria Loades ‘COVID19 and social isolation, school-based interventions, and CBT’ includes a discussion Covid19 and its implications for young people’s mental health, the Rapid Systematic Review exploring the repercussions of the pandemic on social isolation and loneliness.

Dr. Andrew Beck ‘CAMHS, COVID19, and CBT’ includes the reasons he advocates behavioural activation to improve the mood children and families during the COVID19 pandemic.

Prof. Sam Cortese podcast includes his work on the European ADHD Guidelines Group and its work on ADHD management during the covid-19 pandemic, plus the COH-Fit Study.

Episode 4 of ‘Autism, a parents guide’ with Dr. Ann Ozsivadjian and Dr. Marianna Murin looks at ‘Coronavirus, and helping children with autism’

At the beginning of lockdown we spoke to Dr. Jon Goldin about the coronavirus and child mental health


Largest study into impact of pandemic on global communities See how the University of Southampton is taking a leading role in the largest worldwide study into the mental and physical impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Dr Kathryn Lester, Senior Lecturer in Developmental Psychology, University of Sussex, blogged on behalf of the Play First editorial panel on why Allowing young children to play with their friends must be prioritised as soon as possible when lockdown is eased

The charity Nip in the Bud has produced a short film and fact sheet to help parents and teachers deal with any potential feelings of apprehension and anxiety that children may experience on returning to school.

Dr Andrew Beck, BABCP President blogged on Some simple steps to using principles from Behavioural Activation to improve the mood of Children and Families who are at home and self-isolating

The Pointers On Parenting Under Pressure (POP-UP) Team, that includes JCPP Editor in Chief Prof. Edmund Sonuga-Barke wrote on Helping parents manage challenging behaviour during the COVID19 lockdown – Some pointers for practitioners

Free view

The ACAMH West Midlands Branch staged a live webinar on ‘Return to school: the impact of COVID’ on Wednesday 8 July 2020. Slides and transcripts from the three lectures are available.

Les Lawrence ‘To what extent will positive mental health, economic and emotional wellbeing of families, and children and young people, be considered in the re-opening of schools?’

Roy Broadfield ‘Parental Engagement, home learning and educating in an unprecedented landscape…’

Professor Tamsin Ford CBE – ‘Supporting children’s mental health as schools re-open’

This short video message from Prof. Christoph Correll, Dr. Sarah Sullivan, and Prof. Sam Cortese explains how you can take part in the ‘COH-FIT’ Study – the largest mental & physical wellbeing survey on COVID19


Thank you for all of this and especially for encouraging sharing of learning as we all find our way through this experience

Thank you for these invaluable resources which will be shared and used

This is amazing thank you so much for all these resources! Such insightful accounts of knowledge.

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