Celebrating the life and work of Professor Sir Michael Rutter 

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On 27 June 2022, King’s College London welcomed friends, family and colleagues from across the globe to share Sir Michael’s impact on them, their work, and the field of child psychiatry.

Known to many as ‘the father of child psychiatry’, Professor Sir Michael Rutter paved the way for developmental psychologists and psychiatrists around the world. His life-changing work, numerous scientific breakthroughs and clinical expertise have laid the foundations of child psychiatry and developmental psychopathology as we know it today.

Full details of the day can be found at the KCL website

Please also take a look at ‘A digest of the published work of Michael Rutter’ by Jim Stevenson, Emeritus Professor of Developmental Psychopathology, University of Southampton. Revised December 2021

We also have a virtual issue that members can access all papers from, “The Rutter Effect – a celebration of Professor Sir Michael Rutter’s contributions to child psychology and psychiatry” the editorial of which is free.


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