Wiley Open Access Agreements to accelerate Open Access Research

Earlier this year, our publisher, Wiley, announced six new open access agreements with a number of institutions in order accelerate open access research. These new open access agreements allow members and affiliates of these named institutions to access all of Wiley’s hybrid and subscription journals. The agreement also grants researchers the ability to publish accepted articles open access in all of Wiley’s 1,400 hybrid journals, including ACAMH’s own Journal of Child Psychology & Psychiatry (JCPP) and The Child & Adolescent Mental Health (CAMH) journal.

Researchers in the following institutions will be able to access all the ACAMH journals, as well as be able to publish open access in the JCPP and the CAMH at no charge to themselves from 2022 to 2024, this includes;

  • Slovenian Academic Consortium: covers 10 institutions to publish hybrid open access and read Wiley journals from 2022 to 2024.
  • SCELC: covers 61 members and affiliates of the Statewide California Electronic Library Consortium (SCELC) in California, Texas, Hawaii and others to publish hybrid open access and read Wiley journals during 2022.
  • Cyprus Libraries Consortium: covers 8 institutions to publish hybrid open access and read Wiley journals from 2022 to 2025.
  • Royal Danish Library: covers 34 institutions to publish hybrid open access and read Wiley journals from 2022 to 2023 .
  • National Research Council of Science and Technology in the Republic of Korea allows researchers at 25 institutions across the Republic of Korea, to publish accepted articles open access in our hybrid journals.
  • MALMAD, the Israeli Inter-University Center for Digital Information Services, allows researchers at 24 participating institutions to publish accepted articles open access in our hybrid journals.

With this transformative agreement, the CTK consortium has met the expectations of its users and provided a suitable infrastructure for open publications in accordance with the principles of the Horizon Europe program, the principles of Coalitions S (of which Slovenian Research Agency is a member), and the principles of the newly adopted Slovenian legislation in the field of science research work. The new legislation includes strict requirements for open publication of all results conducted with publicly funded scientific research work,” said Miro Pušnik, director of CTK.

We are pleased to pilot an agreement that enables our subscribers large and small to reallocate a significant portion of their subscription dollars to pay for open publication”, said Teri Gallaway, Executive Director of SCELC. “This agreement provides a valuable opportunity to test a streamlined workflow which may allow us to expand the reach of future open access publishing agreements to our smallest institutions.”

Kira Stine Hansen, Deputy Director, Royal Danish Library and Head of Copenhagen University Library, said: “On behalf of Danish universities and higher education institutions we are pleased with this new agreement with Wiley continuing the support of the national strategy of open and equal access to scientific results for the benefit of society. Cost neutral immediate Open Access has been and will continue to be a very important parameter in negotiations with international academic publishers.”

NST’s chairman, Bok Chul Kim said, in relation to the agreement, “Through this transformational agreement between NST and Wiley, we expect to be able to raise the international profile of Korean governmental research institutes. By allowing anyone from around the world to access the research outputs of NST member institutions, without any barriers or restrictions, we hope to contribute to the growing global open access movement and promote more organic exchanges of knowledge between Korean and international researchers through a continuous collaboration with Wiley.

“We are excited to have a new read and publish agreement with Wiley, as it is a significant step in our efforts to accelerate open access through transformative agreements. This agreement offers academic institutions within the consortium the opportunity to rapidly transition toward full and immediate open access in a financially sustainable way,” said Dr. Sigal Lahav Scher, MALMAD Director. “Continuing our collaboration with Wiley via this agreement makes it more convenient for our researchers to publish open access, with the additional benefit of reading access to all of Wiley’s journals.”

Prabha Choubina, ACAMH Publications Director, said; “This is great news for our publications and supports our commitment to raising standards in the understanding and management of child mental health issues globally. This new agreement is a positive step in creating new opportunities for diverse researchers and the global dissemination of evidence-based CYP mental health research.”

For more details on our journals, together with podcasts of recent papers, plus details of how to publish, please take a look at the JCPP, the CAMH, and JCPP Advances sections on the website.

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