• Kerstin von Plessen

    Performing Well but not Appreciating it – A Trait Feature of Anorexia Nervosa

    In this Papers Podcast, Professor Kerstin von Plessen discusses her co-authored JCPP Advances paper ‘Performing well but not appreciating it – A trait feature of anorexia nervosa’.

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    RESHAPE Study: Key Takeaways on Eating Disorders

    In this ‘RESHAPE Study’ series episode, Professor Tamsin Ford and Clara Faria explore the findings from the ‘National Study of Health and Wellbeing: Children and Young People’ as they relate to eating disorders, and why these findings are important.

    The ‘RESHAPE Study’ series is a new mini-in conversation series that will explore the RESHAPE study and the impact of its findings for parents, teachers, policymakers, and mental health professionals.

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  • JCPP Advances

    Performing well but not appreciating it – A trait feature of anorexia nervosa

    Open Access paper from JCPP Advances – ‘We offer a novel behavioral method for measuring perfectionism independent of self-report, and we provide tentative evidence that this behavioral manifestation of perfectionism is evident during first-episode AN and persists even after recovery.’ Tine Schuppli Hjerresen et al.

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  • Eating Disorders Awareness Week

    Eating Disorders – Perception, Prevention, Intervention

    According to the World Health Organisation, in 2019 almost 3 million children and young people, worldwide, experienced eating disorders. This Eating Disorder Awareness Week (27 February – 5 March 2023), we encourage you to explore the FREE learning opportunities available on our website, and to share with your networks.

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  • Marie Young

    Eating Disorders and CAMHS – Real Life Insights

    Eating disorders, such as anorexia nervosa and bulimia, are not straight forward; to celebrate eating disorder awareness week, we spoke to Marie Young (pic), a Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) Eating Disorders Specialist Nurse, and Bea Fenske, an Eating Disorders Nurse, from Community Eating Disorders Service (CEDS) Bedfordshire and Luton CAMHS, to give us an overview of what it is like to work in a Community Eating Disorders Service.

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  • Dr. Nora Trompeter

    How England’s calorie labelling policy is impacting young people

    Last year the government introduced the out-of-home calorie labelling policy in England to help people make informed nutritional decisions as part of a broader strategy to reduce rates of obesity. However, little is known about how this policy impacts young people’s mental health, especially those with lived experience of eating disorders. Here we summarise the existing research and highlight areas for further investigation.

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  • Clara Faria

    Incidence and outcomes of eating disorders during the pandemic: what has changed?

    During the pandemic, the NHS CAMH eating disorder services saw almost a doubling in the number of referrals for eating disorders and waiting list times are now surpassing what is recommended. This surge in eating disorder presentations in clinical settings led researchers to wonder what impact, if any, Covid-19 had on the incidence of eating disorders in young people.

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  • Lisa Dinkler

    Anorexia nervosa and autism: a prospective twin cohort study

    Video abstract from Lisa Dinkler on ‘Anorexia nervosa and autism: a prospective twin cohort study’. First published: 04 June 2020

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  • Dr. Dasha Nicholls

    In Conversation… Eating Disorders with Dr. Dasha Nicholls

    In this podcast, Dr. Dasha Nicholls talks about eating and feeding disorders in children and young people.

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  • Supporting Prepubertal Children with anorexia nervosa – a clinician’s experience

    Five patients under the age of twelve have presented with Anorexia Nervosa in the last six months to our community CAMHS Eating Disorders Team, in the North of England, representing 16% of our average annual caseload.

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