Our Special Interest Groups (SIG) are communities within ACAMH. People who are part of a SIG have a shared common interest in advancing, and sharing, the knowledge, learning, and research in that area. You do not necessarily have to be an ACAMH Member to be part of a SIG, though we hope that you would show that commitment.

SIGs meet in person, and online to discusses developments in the area, and communicate this through the ACAMH website and social media platforms, together with organising conferences.

We currently have the following SIGs

Early Intervention in Youth Mental Health SIG

Optimising effective service delivery and long-term outcomes in youth mental health in Ireland

Learning Disability SIG

Sharing of specialist knowledge, skills and updates on relevant research and service development.

Neurodevelopmental SIG

Improving care of children and young people with neurodevelopmental disorders (ADHD, ASD, DCD, DLD etc).

Parental Mental Illness SIG

Addressing gaps in awareness, sharing knowledge and developing and delivering evidence-based practice