• Elisabeth Conradt

    Annual Research Review: Prenatal opioid exposure – a two-generation approach to conceptualizing neurodevelopmental outcomes

    Paper from the JCPP Special Issue: Annual Research Review 2023 – ‘Opioid use during pregnancy impacts the health and well-being of two generations: the pregnant person and the child. The factors that increase risk for opioid use in the adult, as well as those that perpetuate risk for the caregiver and child, oftentimes replicate across generations and may be more likely to affect child neurodevelopment than the opioid exposure itself. In this article, we review the prenatal opioid exposure literature with the perspective that this is not a singular event but an intergenerational cascade of events.’ Elisabeth Conradt (pic) et al.

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  • Global development and injecting drug use in a new generation of adolescents

    People who inject drugs tend to begin doing so in adolescence, and countries that have larger numbers of adolescents who inject drugs may be at risk of emerging epidemics of blood borne viruses unless they take urgent action.

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