Behavioural genetics

  • Professor Robert Plomin

    Research Review: The next 10 years of behavioural genomic research

    Open Access paper from JCPP Advances – “Although the fallout has not yet settled, the goal of this paper is to predict the next 10 years of research in what could be called behavioural genomics”. Robert Plomin (pic)

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  • Which genetic mechanisms underlie the relationship between preschool vocabulary and later literacy skills?

    Preschool vocabulary acquisition is associated with later language and literacy skills. Genetic factors might partially explain this link, but the precise mechanisms are unclear. Thus far, twin-based studies have implicated mechanisms involving genetic amplification or genetic innovation.

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  • Prof Barbara Franke

    Professor Barbara Franke

    “I’m honored to have been invited to join the JCPP Editorial Board! Recent biological research in psychiatry teaches us about the dimensionality of the disorders we study and about the importance of a lifespan perspective in child and adolescent psychiatry. Seeing this view reflected in JCPP makes me look forward to being part of the team of editors.”

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  • Dr. Kelly Klump

    Kelly L. Klump, Ph.D., is a MSU Foundation Endowed Professor in the Department of Psychology at Michigan State University. She is the Co-Director of the Michigan State University Twin Registry and serves as a Specialist Subject Editor for JCPP.

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  • journal covers-JCPP

    JCPP Editorial: Volume 58, Issue 02, February 2017

    “Developmental psychopathology in the post-genomics era – substantial challenges but reasons for hope” by Jeffrey M. Halperin

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