• iPad App complements ASD therapy

    Children with autism spectrum condition (ASC) may benefit from combined technology-based and traditional interventions, according to new research.

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  • Minecraft for young people with Autism

    The Bridge spoke to Stuart Duncan, who has developed Autcraft – Minecraft for young people with Autism.

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  • Digital health interventions for the young: meeting expectations?

    The number of digital health interventions for mental health disorders is increasing, but research from Chris Hollis and colleagues suggests that the clinical benefits and cost-effectiveness are unclear. Consistent methods of reporting and evaluation are required to extract definitive conclusions from clinical trials.

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  • How research on cyberbullying has developed

    Prof. Peter K. Smith, Goldsmiths, University of London, England
    The topic of cyberbullying is often in the media, because of the distress and harm it can cause. There have been cases where it appears to have contributed significantly to tragic outcomes such as suicide (Livingstone & Smith, 2014).

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  • Designing services with patients calls for curiosity and empathy

    “I took my knowledge from the NHS about involving patients and combined that with design tools from commercial software development,”

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  • mHealth ineffective for depression prevention

    A universal cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)-based mobile messaging programme (MEMO CBT) designed to prevent teenage onset depression provides no clinical benefit, according to results of a double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled trial.

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  • Parents with BD receive online support

    The value of a unique interactive, web-based resource that provides psychoeducational and parenting information for patients with bipolar disorder (BD) and young children has been supported by promising results of a randomised, controlled pilot trial.

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  • Journal cover

    CAMH Editorial: Volume 23, Issue 1, February 2018

    “The future of crisis mental health services for children and young people” by Andy Cotgrove

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  • Autism & Intellectual Disabilities – Expert analysis, new research: what works

    The Jack Tizard Memorial Lecture and Conference will be held over 2 days, day one focussing on Intellectual Disabilities, day two on Autism.  Under the theme ‘Expert analysis, new research: what works’ you will hear from world-leading experts delivering the latest evidence and best practice examples, that will shape people’s knowledge. Sharing new research, disseminating […]

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    National Conference
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  • Guest Blog

    How do new family forms affect children’s mental health?

    New family forms, including single-parent households, gay or lesbian parents, and those with children born through assisted reproduction methods like IVF and surrogacy, are becoming ever more common. Professor Susan Golombok, Director of the Centre for Family Research at the University of Cambridge, elaborates on the impacts of these family forms on children’s mental health.

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