2019 Judy Dunn National Conference – Suicide and self harm

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The prevalence of suicide and self-harm in children and adolescence is a subject we should all be concerned with. For the 2019 Judy Dunn National Conference we gathered together the leading academics, clinicians, and researchers in fields of self-harm and suicide, plus those who have lived experience.

The lecture here is from Prof. Dr. Paul Plener ‘Epidemiology of self-harm’. Paul currently works at the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Medical University of Vienna.

Password: PlenerDunn19

Other speakers included

  • Dr. Trudie Roussow ‘Evidence based treatment of young people who self-harm and management of risk’ 
  • Clare Stafford, CEO Charlie Waller Memorial Trust, ‘Breaking the Taboo – Talking about suicide’
  • Keynote speaker, Prof. Christian Schmahl ‘Neurobiology of self-harm in BPD’
  • Prof. Paramala J Santosh ‘Mobile applications and wearable devices in assessing suicide risk’
  • Dr. Dennis Ougrin ‘Therapeutic Assessment for Self-Harm’

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