• In Conversation… Professor Lucy Bowes on early life stress

    Professor Lucy Bowes, Magdalen College, University of Oxford, and Head of the oRANGE Lab, discusses her research on early life stress in relation to psychological and behavioural development, the impact of bullying in adolescents,  together with exciting developments with virtual reality.

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  • Associate Professor Ian Hamilton

    In Conversation…Addiction and Substance Use with Ian Hamilton

    Ian Hamilton and Jo Carlowe discuss mental health problems and substance use co-occurring, the lack of data on young people’s substance use and risk factors and pathways to support.

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  • In Conversation… Dr. Ramya Mohan

    In this podcast, Ramya Mohan discusses the interactive and practical method combining neuroscience and the creative arts CAPE (Creative Arts for Processing Emotion) as a therapeutic technique.

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  • Professor Roz Shafran

    In Conversation… Prof. Roz Shafran

    Professor Roz Shafran covers a range of subjects on mental health, including looking at the work her and her team undertake at Great Ormond Street Hospital. This includes innovations such a mental health ‘booth’ for children and families. Roz also looks at the rise of dysfunctional perfectionism

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  • Dr. Trudie Rossouw

    In Conversation… Dr. Trudie Roussow

    In this podcast, Dr. Trudie Roussow discusses Mentalisation Based Treatment for adolescents (MBT-A), how it differs from MBT for adults, and how this type of intervention can be utilised for those who self-harm.

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  • Dr Abby Russell

    In Conversation… Suicide and Self-harm with Dr Abigail Russell

    Abigail discusses her paper on inflammation and self-harm, its findings and implications moving forward. As well as the cohort study (ALSPAC), to school interventions and creating change through national dialogue.

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  • Dr. Ann Ozsivadjian

    In Conversation… Autism with Dr. Ann Ozsivadjian

    Ann talks about the prevalence of mental health problems in ASD, preventing mental health problems before they occur, interventions and psychological therapies and techniques she draws upon herself as a clinical psychologist.

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  • In Conversation… Suicide and Self-harm with Professor David Cottrell

    David discusses school-based interventions, recent studies on prevention/intervention and (SHIFT), a large multi-centre randomised controlled trial, investigating systemic family therapy following teenage self-harm.

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  • Prof. Lars Mehlum

    In Conversation… Suicide and Self-harm with Professor Lars Mehlum

    Lars discusses dialectical behaviour therapy for adolescents (DBT-A) as an intervention, his most recent paper in The JCPP, national strategies for suicide prevention and the latest clinical research.

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  • Dr. Sinead Rhodes

    In Conversation… ADHD with Dr Sinead Rhodes

    In this podcast, Dr Sinead Rhodes discusses ADHD and neurodevelopmental disorders with freelance journalist Jo Carlowe. Sinead discusses her latest research, cognitive factors underlying mental health and tailored interventions.

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